Pelé remembers his sporting triumphs during the Brazilian dictatorship

February 23, 2021

British filmmakers David Tryhorn and Ben Nicholas have embarked on an ambitious mission: to tell an unpublished version of the story of the greatest footballer of all time, a world celebrity for more than 50 years and the star of countless books, films, documentaries and advertising pieces. Now the result is released: the documentary Pele (Netflix), which narrates the legendary player’s sporting boom, as well as his personal and political…


An evangelical bishop, the new mayor of Rio de Janeiro

December 22, 2020

Brazil held the second round of its municipal elections yesterday. São Paulo decided in the first turn, all eyes of the country turned to Rio de Janeiro, the second largest capital of the country. The favorite of all the polls, the evangelical leader Marcelo Crivella, 59, won the mayor’s office with 59% of the votes. His opponent is the history professor and deputy Marcelo Freixo, 49, who agglutinated the left,…


Police killings and drop in murders set Rio de Janeiro records

December 15, 2020

Police fatality was a record in Rio de Janeiro in 2019 while crimes had a historic drop, the latter trend that extends to the rest of Brazil, one of the most violent countries of the world. In the State, 1,810 people died in police interventions, the highest number in two decades. The 3,995 murdered at the same time represent a historical fact, the lowest since 1991, according to official data…