Pelé remembers his sporting triumphs during the Brazilian dictatorship

February 23, 2021

British filmmakers David Tryhorn and Ben Nicholas have embarked on an ambitious mission: to tell an unpublished version of the story of the greatest footballer of all time, a world celebrity for more than 50 years and the star of countless books, films, documentaries and advertising pieces. Now the result is released: the documentary Pele (Netflix), which narrates the legendary player’s sporting boom, as well as his personal and political…


Praise to the god Diego in the country of King Pelé

December 20, 2020

Pelé and Maradona, during an award ceremony in 1987 in Italy.AP Brazil, the country of Pelé, surrendered this Wednesday without nuances to Diego Armando Maradona as soon as his death was known. The historical rivalry with neighboring Argentina, the hostility between the followers of these two ball wizards, the comparisons, the lack of respect for the Argentine by the Brazilian fans were immediately put aside to give way to heartfelt…